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  nordic beauty

04.10.03 / 30.11.03
a subtle play between the artists:
rozalia janovic (1964 yugoslavia), parchment objects on the wall
merja winqvis (1949 finland), paper sculptures

rozalia janovic
"my art is a visual story about the animals who are the original owners of my material. recycling natural parchment, I want to give back to nature what belongs to it. I try to emphasize the organic character of parchment and return it to life."

merja winqvist
"my sculptures are drawings in the space. I use natural materials like brown paper or dried plants and roots. I am continually astonished by the originality of nature and at the same time afraid of destruction and loss. my art is a way to express this combination of feelings."

under the patronage of his excellency mr antti sierla, ambassador of finland

©2003 maarten callebert