O-nivo design centre  

aug.24 - nov.11 2001
in glass, photography and design

glasswork artist: fabienne picaud (fr), glass for architecture
photographer: rita ballinckx (b), photo series in rhythmical panorama form
designer: carina riezebos (nl), glass in the plural.

an exhibition by three international women artists:
the first time that work by fabienne picaud from france and carina riezebos from the netherlands can be seen in belgium, and also the first showing of these photo series by belgium's rita ballinckx in this country.

fabienne picaud

carine riezebos

rita ballinckx

the exhibition is organized by the international association ´c.i.c.eksternest, glass objects´, in conjunction with ´le musée-atelier du verre, sars-poteries´ (fr).

the ´c.i.c.eksternest, glass objects´ in roeselare is the only gallery in belgium where contemporary glass art is the essence of the exhibitions which it organizes there and in bruges.

'le musée-atelier du verre, sars-poteries', is the only glass museum in france which gives priority to promoting 'contemporary' glass art.
this museum holds summer courses at its "l´université d´été" where fabienne picaud taught her first course in 2000, under the title of "souffler, c´est sculpter" (a glass blower is a sculptor).

open every day from 15.00 to 18.00 hrs  
wollestraat 25 - 8000 brugge - o-nivo@eksternest.be

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01.12 .2001 - 10.02.2002

vitality: glass by the belgian artist wouter bolangier
tenderness: glass by the french artist isabelle monod
concept by c.i.c. in conjunction with ´le musée-atelier du verre, sars-poteries´ (fr)

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