O-nivo design centre  

june 15 - august 12 2001

glass artists: gérard delafosse (fr), eva engström (dk), anna carlgren (s/nl), hennie van engeland (b), christine vanoppen (b)
ceramic artist: jeannine vrins (b)

graphic design: team sanny winters - tim oeyen (b)

a collection of paintings, sculptures, prismes and transparent objects of glass and articulations of porcelain and ceramic.

the french artist gérard delafosse has created a series of painted glass disks for this exhibition. because of the transparency of the glass, the viewer experiences these paintings as colour applied directly on to the white walls.  

eva engström of denmark creates fragility between lightness and illusion, like an angel fallen from the clouds drawing rhythmic coded messages on transparent stones on the beach.

the swedish-dutch artist anna carlgren works with coloured optical glass in various tints, including terracotta, whereby light is refracted out of the object.

hennie van engeland (b) creates graphic forms in heavy sculptural glass, reminiscent of runes.

christine vanoppen (b) experiments with the transparency of glass. through the juxtaposition of opaque and transparent elements she arrives at sturdy structures of a primeval simplicity associated with the world of nature, her eternal source of inspiration.

jeannine vrins (b), a pupil of the well-known belgian artist piet stockmans, creates ceramic and porcelain objects balancing between weight and weightlessness and based on the human articulations.

the graphic artists winters and oeyen link up all the visible elements of the exhibition by means of large text banners.

exhibition of glass by 't eksternest-glass objects
in conjunction with the musée-atelier du verre, sars-poteries (fr)
with the support of vizo (b)  

open every day from 15.00 to 18.00 hrs  

next exhibitions:

24.08 - 24.11.2001

glass artist: fabienne picaud (fr), architectural glass
photographer: rita ballinckx (b), panoramas
designer: carina riezebos (nl), glass
concept by c.i.c. in conjunction with 'le musée-atelier du verre, sars-poteries' (fr)

01.12 .2001 - 10.02.2002

vitality: glass by the belgian artist wouter bolangier
tenderness: glass by the french artist isabelle monod
concept by c.i.c. in conjunction with 'le musée-atelier du verre, sars-poteries' (fr)


logo-design: sanny winters / tim oeyens

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