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01.02.03 - 30.03.03
a subtle play between the artists:
gil de bizemont (1963 france), goldpaintings
linda weyn (196o belgium), black ceramics on white pedestals

gil de bizemont
gil paints simplicity and calmness. the background colours, one or two, never more, reinforce the beauty of gold as the noblest material of all. his paintings are in balance and tranquillity, perhaps close to zen in their proportions.

linda weyn
the cellulose fibres in the paperclay make her large ceramic pieces light in weight. for linda weyn, black is the most universal colour, permitting a magical interaction of form and colour. the rhythm of black ceramics and white pedestals create a subtle interplay of light and dark.

supported by
vizo, design department
la délégation culturelle pour la flandre, ambassade de france

©2003 maarten callebert