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6 europe in bruges 2002 - 6 europe in artonivo
1st country, 1st foundation, 1st exhibition
22.02  -  31.03.2002

music boxes moniek darge
costumes carla bracke
photography benn deceuninck
graphic scores thomas smetrijns

foundation logos

the logos foundation, centre for contemporary and experimental music in Flanders, holds weekly concerts of contemporary music in its tetrahedron-shaped acoustic hall in ghent.
in bruges the foundation organizes an exhibition bringing together other disciplines which share the contemporary approach to music.


moniek darge

her music boxes are telling a poetical audio visual story, with tiny sounds, subtile light reflexions and a little liberating kitsch or humour as ingredients.
When the box is finished it transforms itself into a poetical miniature world, in which we can walk around, dreaming about what we see and hear.


carla bracke
studied painting, fashion and costume design at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten à Gand.
collaborated with Marina Yee.
design of costumes for theatres and for the Logos foundation


benn deceuninck

Photography, a poetic composition of light and shadow, involves an activity. Whatever is alive keeps moving and so does a photographer. I feel I am always on the way either physically or mentally.
At first photography could appear to be anecdotal. But the moment you immerse in the photo, it can invite you to think. Beyond the visual reality, there is a poetic dimension.


thomas smetrijns

composer, plays lute and mandoline.
freelance in various ensembles as M, Spectra together with composers J.J Kirk and B.Wetters he founded the Ensemble Medusa.
As composer he is interested how graphically his compositions are reproduced and how they can influence the final result of his compositions.

supported by

- ministry of flemish community
- vizo, design department
- province of west-flanders
- organization bruges 2002
- city of bruges, tourist office
- cultural delegation for flanders, embassy of france
- embassy of sweden
- embassy of spain


open every day 15-18h
admission free

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